Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Corum (170840) available!

Weather station in the area

Corum (SYNOP 170840)
Corum (SYNOP 170840)
Corum (SYNOP 170840)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Corumba (SYNOP 835540)
Weatherstation Corlu (METAR LTBU)
Weatherstation Corlu (SYNOP 170575)
Weatherstation Voru (SYNOP 262490)
Weatherstation Teniente-R-Marsh (METAR SCRM)
Weatherstation Sulaymaniyah (METAR ORSU)
Weatherstation Solander-Island (METAR CWRU)
Weatherstation Shaibah-Basrah (METAR ORMS)
Weatherstation Russeltown (METAR CMRU)
Weatherstation Rumford (METAR KRUM)
Weatherstation Rocky-House (METAR CWRM)
Weatherstation Primrose-Lake-2 (METAR CWOU)
Weatherstation Ouesso (METAR FCOU)
Weatherstation Mosul (METAR ORBM)
Weatherstation Mamburao-Mindoro (METAR RPUM)
Weatherstation Makoua (METAR FCOM)
Weatherstation Faro (METAR CWUM)
Weatherstation Edmunston (METAR CERM)
Weatherstation Cozumel (METAR MMCZ)
Weatherstation Cozumel (METAR IATA_CZM)

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