Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cotnari (150560) available!

Weather station in the area

Rauseni (SYNOP 150410)
Podul Iloaiei (SYNOP 150750)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Coari (SYNOP 824250)
Weatherstation Kopitnari (METAR UGKO)
Weatherstation Conakry (SYNOP 618310)
Weatherstation Motihari (SYNOP 423830)
Weatherstation Coria (METAR ES_3526X)
Weatherstation Colstrip (METAR KM46)
Weatherstation Colstrip (METAR IATA_M46)
Weatherstation Cobar (SYNOP 947110)
Weatherstation Ratnagiri (SYNOP 431100)
Weatherstation Constanta (SYNOP 154800)
Weatherstation Carbunari (SYNOP 153630)
Weatherstation Totana (METAR ES_7218X)
Weatherstation Shonai (METAR RJSY)
Weatherstation Shonai (SYNOP 475874)
Weatherstation Ponyri (SYNOP 340030)
Weatherstation Motril (METAR ES_6268X)
Weatherstation Mostar (METAR LYMO)
Weatherstation Mostar (SYNOP 146480)
Weatherstation Mostar (SYNOP 133480)
Weatherstation Gotnja (SYNOP 342020)

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