Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Cozad (KCZD) available!

Weather station in the area

Cozad Municipal (SYNOP 725634)
Lexington (SYNOP IATA_LXN)
Lexington (METAR KLXN)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cozad (METAR IATA_CZD)
Weatherstation Wazakhaw (METAR OADW)
Weatherstation Shindand (METAR OASD)
Weatherstation Scudder-Point (METAR CWZD)
Weatherstation Qades (METAR OAQD)
Weatherstation Ozona (METAR KOZA)
Weatherstation Ottawa-Cda-Rcs (METAR CXOA)
Weatherstation Normandin (METAR CWOD)
Weatherstation Muskrat-Dam (METAR CZMD)
Weatherstation La-Grande-Iii (METAR CYAD)
Weatherstation Kelsey-Dam-Cs (METAR CZKD)
Weatherstation Kamloops (METAR CZKA)
Weatherstation Faro-Apt-Artcc (METAR CZFA)
Weatherstation Ekati (METAR CYOA)
Weatherstation Edmonton-Stony-P (METAR CZED)
Weatherstation Dezful (METAR OIAD)
Weatherstation Debert (METAR CZDB)
Weatherstation Darwaz (METAR OADZ)
Weatherstation Cold-Lake (METAR CYOD)
Weatherstation Cody (METAR KCOD)

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