Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cross-City (722120) available!

Weather station in the area

Cross City (METAR KCTY)
Cross City (SYNOP 722120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cross-City (METAR KCTY)
Weatherstation Cross-City (METAR IATA_CTY)
Weatherstation Carson-City (METAR KCXP)
Weatherstation Carson-City (METAR IATA_CXP)
Weatherstation Crowsnest (METAR IATA_WRT)
Weatherstation Crowsnest (METAR CWRT)
Weatherstation Crowsnest (SYNOP 712360)
Weatherstation Coen-City (SYNOP 941850)
Weatherstation Charles-City (METAR KCCY)
Weatherstation Charles-City (METAR IATA_CCY)
Weatherstation Charles-City (SYNOP 725463)
Weatherstation Crosby (METAR KD50)
Weatherstation Crosby (METAR IATA_D50)
Weatherstation Crosby (SYNOP 033160)
Weatherstation Pecos-City (METAR KPEQ)
Weatherstation Pecos-City (METAR IATA_PEQ)
Weatherstation Grove-City (METAR K29D)
Weatherstation Grove-City (METAR IATA_29D)
Weatherstation Crossville (METAR KCSV)
Weatherstation Crossville (METAR IATA_CSV)

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