Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Dessau (EDAD) available!

Weather station in the area

Dessau-Mildensee (SYNOP 100949)
Halle-Kroellwitz (SYNOP 104660)
Opin (SYNOP 104680)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Stockholm-Arland (METAR ESSA)
Weatherstation Denau (SYNOP 388290)
Weatherstation Deesa (SYNOP 425390)
Weatherstation Passau (SYNOP 108930)
Weatherstation Odessa (METAR KODO)
Weatherstation Odessa (METAR KE02)
Weatherstation Odessa (METAR IATA_ODO)
Weatherstation Odessa (METAR IATA_E02)
Weatherstation Dehauz (SYNOP 387250)
Weatherstation Bissau (METAR GGOV)
Weatherstation Tebessa (METAR DABS)
Weatherstation Messina (METAR LICF)
Weatherstation Messina (SYNOP 164200)
Weatherstation Decatur (METAR KLUD)
Weatherstation Decatur (METAR KDEC)
Weatherstation Decatur (METAR KDCU)
Weatherstation Decatur (METAR KAXC)
Weatherstation Decatur (METAR IATA_LUD)
Weatherstation Decatur (METAR IATA_DEC)
Weatherstation Decatur (METAR IATA_DCU)

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