Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Dhamar (OYDM) available!

Weather station in the area

Dhamar (SYNOP 414340)
Dhamar (SYNOP 414340)
Dhamar (SYNOP 414340)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dhamar (SYNOP 414340)
Weatherstation Dhar (SYNOP 427520)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR KLAA)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR K4LJ)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR IATA_LAA)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR IATA_4LJ)
Weatherstation Lamar (SYNOP 724630)
Weatherstation Dhaka (METAR VGHS)
Weatherstation Dhaka (SYNOP 419230)
Weatherstation Dhaka (SYNOP 419220)
Weatherstation Deaar (SYNOP 685380)
Weatherstation Daman (SYNOP 429160)
Weatherstation Chama (METAR KE33)
Weatherstation Chama (METAR IATA_E33)
Weatherstation Chama (SYNOP 723675)
Weatherstation Dharmpur (SYNOP 421070)
Weatherstation Samary (SYNOP 283340)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 289000)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 279950)
Weatherstation Ramsar (METAR OINR)

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