Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Dinghai (584770) available!

Weather station in the area

Dinghai (SYNOP 584770)
Dachu Shan (SYNOP 584740)
Dinghai (SYNOP 584770)
Dachu Shan (SYNOP 584740)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Xinghai (SYNOP 529430)
Weatherstation Delingha (SYNOP 527370)
Weatherstation Linhai (SYNOP 586600)
Weatherstation Gagnoa-City (METAR DIGA)
Weatherstation Xingtai (SYNOP 537980)
Weatherstation Dongtai (SYNOP 582510)
Weatherstation Dongshi (METAR RCNO)
Weatherstation Dongshi (SYNOP 467300)
Weatherstation Dingtao (SYNOP 549090)
Weatherstation Dillingham (METAR PADL)
Weatherstation Dillingham (METAR IATA_DLG)
Weatherstation Dillingham (SYNOP 703210)
Weatherstation Yingshan (SYNOP 584020)
Weatherstation Nyingchi (SYNOP 563120)
Weatherstation Dilga (SYNOP 154230)
Weatherstation Binga (METAR FVBI)
Weatherstation Binga (SYNOP 677550)
Weatherstation Nong-Khai (METAR VTUM)
Weatherstation Nong-Khai (SYNOP 483520)
Weatherstation Ming-Shui (SYNOP 507580)

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