Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Dno (262680) available!

Weather station in the area

Dno (SYNOP 262680)
Dno (SYNOP 262680)
Dno (SYNOP 262680)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yola (METAR DNYO)
Weatherstation Sokoto (METAR DNSO)
Weatherstation Port-Harcourt (METAR DNPO)
Weatherstation Oshogbo (METAR DNOS)
Weatherstation Jos (METAR DNJO)
Weatherstation Dono (SYNOP 309720)
Weatherstation Divnoe (SYNOP 348580)
Weatherstation Denton (METAR KDTO)
Weatherstation Denton (METAR IATA_DTO)
Weatherstation Denton (SYNOP 722589)
Weatherstation Dzankoj (SYNOP 339340)
Weatherstation Durazno (SYNOP 865300)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR KDRO)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR K4V5)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR IATA_DRO)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR IATA_4V5)
Weatherstation Durango (SYNOP 724626)
Weatherstation Dunedoo (SYNOP 957270)
Weatherstation Dingtao (SYNOP 549090)
Weatherstation Denison (METAR KDNS)

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