Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Dodoma (638620) available!

Weather station in the area

Dodoma (SYNOP 638620)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dodoma (METAR HTDO)
Weatherstation Masirah (METAR OOMA)
Weatherstation Kondoma (SYNOP 299460)
Weatherstation Cooma (METAR YSCM)
Weatherstation Cooma (SYNOP 949230)
Weatherstation Moomba (SYNOP 944810)
Weatherstation Kadoma (SYNOP 678690)
Weatherstation Woomera (METAR YPWR)
Weatherstation Woomera (SYNOP 946590)
Weatherstation Kolomna (SYNOP 276250)
Weatherstation Kolomak (SYNOP 343040)
Weatherstation Dombaas (SYNOP 012330)
Weatherstation Cordova (METAR PACV)
Weatherstation Cordova (METAR IATA_CDV)
Weatherstation St-Laurent-Du-Ma (METAR SOOM)
Weatherstation Seeb-Intl-Muscat (METAR OOMS)
Weatherstation Salalah (METAR OOSA)
Weatherstation Roma (SYNOP 945150)
Weatherstation Oskaloosa-Muni (METAR KOOA)
Weatherstation Oran-Es-Senia (METAR DAOO)

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