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No data for Synop station Dongtai (582510) available!

Weather station in the area

Dongtai (SYNOP 582510)
Dongtai (SYNOP 582510)
Dongtai (SYNOP 582510)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tarawa-Kiribati (METAR NGTA)
Weatherstation Xingtai (SYNOP 537980)
Weatherstation Dongshi (METAR RCNO)
Weatherstation Dongshi (SYNOP 467300)
Weatherstation Dingtao (SYNOP 549090)
Weatherstation Dinghai (SYNOP 584770)
Weatherstation Mong-Cai (SYNOP 488380)
Weatherstation Kongi (SYNOP 320590)
Weatherstation Donggang (METAR RCMJ)
Weatherstation Donggang (SYNOP 595530)
Weatherstation Donggang (SYNOP 467470)
Weatherstation Dongfang (SYNOP 598380)
Weatherstation Dong-Hoi (SYNOP 488480)
Weatherstation Pyongtaek (METAR RKSG)
Weatherstation Pyongtaek (SYNOP 471270)
Weatherstation Nong-Khai (METAR VTUM)
Weatherstation Nong-Khai (SYNOP 483520)
Weatherstation Dong-Xing (SYNOP 596260)
Weatherstation Yongan (SYNOP 547360)
Weatherstation Songea (METAR HTSO)

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