Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Eifel (105040) available!

Weather station in the area

Elsenborn (METAR EBLB)
Spa/La Sauvenier (METAR EBSP)
Aachen/Merzbruck (METAR ETBA)
Spa/La Sauveniere (SYNOP 064900)
Botrange (SYNOP 064950)
Elsenborn (SYNOP 064960)
Aachen (SYNOP 105010)
Aachen/Merzbrueck (SYNOP 105030)
Aachen-Orsbach (SYNOP 105050)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Eil (METAR HCME)
Weatherstation Eil (SYNOP 632280)
Weatherstation Espiel (METAR ES_5459X)
Weatherstation Ylivieska (METAR EFYL)
Weatherstation Waterford-Airport (METAR EIWF)
Weatherstation Pello (METAR EFPE)
Weatherstation Lappeenranta (METAR EFLP)
Weatherstation Kemi (METAR EFKE)
Weatherstation Ilmajoki (METAR EFIL)
Weatherstation Heidelberg (METAR ETIE)
Weatherstation Hailuoto-Island (METAR EFHL)
Weatherstation Floro (METAR ENFL)
Weatherstation Erie (METAR KERI)
Weatherstation Erie (METAR IATA_ERI)
Weatherstation Erie (SYNOP 725265)
Weatherstation Enontekio (METAR EFET)
Weatherstation Elim-Airport (METAR PFEL)
Weatherstation Egelsbach (METAR EDFE)
Weatherstation East-London-Scho (METAR FAEL)
Weatherstation Donegal-Airport (METAR EIDL)

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