Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Elblag (121600) available!

Weather station in the area

Malbork (METAR EPMB)
Gdansk/Swibno (SYNOP 121550)
Malbork (METAR EPMB)
Gdansk/Swibno (SYNOP 121550)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bierset-Liege (METAR EBLG)
Weatherstation Elazig (METAR LTCA)
Weatherstation Elazig (SYNOP 172020)
Weatherstation Alibag (SYNOP 430580)
Weatherstation Olbaing (SYNOP 383390)
Weatherstation Espolla (METAR ES_0421X)
Weatherstation Elabuga (SYNOP 317330)
Weatherstation Elabuga (SYNOP 285060)
Weatherstation El-Kala (SYNOP 603670)
Weatherstation Ula-Platform (METAR ENLA)
Weatherstation Sabadell (METAR LELL)
Weatherstation Palascia (METAR LIBL)
Weatherstation Nea-Anchialos (METAR LGBL)
Weatherstation Muenster-Osnabru (METAR EDLG)
Weatherstation Mbala (METAR FLBA)
Weatherstation Luxembourg (METAR ELLX)
Weatherstation Lublin-Airport (METAR EPLB)
Weatherstation London-Heathrow (METAR EGLL)
Weatherstation Lodz-Lublinek (METAR EPLL)
Weatherstation Limoges-Bellegar (METAR LFBL)

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