Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Elista (URWI) available!

Weather station in the area

Elista (SYNOP 348610)
Elista (SYNOP 348610)
Elista (SYNOP 348610)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Elista (SYNOP 348610)
Weatherstation Angelholm (METAR ESTA)
Weatherstation Flisa (SYNOP 013910)
Weatherstation Uliastai (SYNOP 509150)
Weatherstation Uliastai (SYNOP 442720)
Weatherstation Silistra (SYNOP 155500)
Weatherstation Gulistan (METAR OAGL)
Weatherstation Gulistan (SYNOP 409753)
Weatherstation Ellisras (METAR FAER)
Weatherstation Ellisras (SYNOP 681560)
Weatherstation Ristna (SYNOP 261150)
Weatherstation Melita (METAR CWEI)
Weatherstation Melita (SYNOP 714470)
Weatherstation Elmira (METAR KELM)
Weatherstation Elmira (METAR IATA_ELM)
Weatherstation Elliot (METAR FAET)
Weatherstation Elliot (SYNOP 686139)
Weatherstation Elkins (METAR KEKN)
Weatherstation Elkins (METAR IATA_EKN)
Weatherstation Elgeta (METAR ES_1049N)

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