Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Engelberg (066550) available!

Weather station in the area

Alpnach (METAR LSMA)
Meiringen (METAR LSMM)
Luzern (SYNOP 066500)
Giswil (SYNOP 066570)
Buochs (SYNOP 066580)
Pilatus Mountain (SYNOP 066590)
Altdorf (SYNOP 066720)
Grimsel-Hospiz (SYNOP 067440)
Ulrichen (SYNOP 067450)
Grimsel Pass (SYNOP 067460)
Guetsch Ob Andermatt (SYNOP 067500)
Piotta (SYNOP 067530)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Englee (METAR IATA_WDA)
Weatherstation Englee (METAR CWDA)
Weatherstation Englee (SYNOP 714170)
Weatherstation Egbert (METAR CWET)
Weatherstation Egbert (SYNOP 716303)
Weatherstation Egbert (SYNOP 715610)
Weatherstation Ruenenberg (SYNOP 066450)
Weatherstation Orangeburg (METAR KOGB)
Weatherstation Orangeburg (METAR IATA_OGB)
Weatherstation Muehleberg (SYNOP 066360)
Weatherstation Lindenberg (SYNOP 103930)
Weatherstation Heidelberg (METAR FAHG)
Weatherstation Heidelberg (METAR ETIE)
Weatherstation Heidelberg (SYNOP 683719)
Weatherstation Heidelberg (SYNOP 107340)
Weatherstation Oseberg (METAR ENOA)
Weatherstation Oseberg (SYNOP 014843)
Weatherstation Holberg (METAR CWXH)
Weatherstation Holberg (SYNOP 718955)
Weatherstation Evanger (SYNOP 013150)

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