Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Fahud (412620) available!

Weather station in the area

Fahud (SYNOP 412620)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Fahud (METAR OOFD)
Weatherstation Humansdorp (METAR FAHD)
Weatherstation Upington-Pierre (METAR FAUP)
Weatherstation Umtata-Kd-Matanz (METAR FAUT)
Weatherstation Ulundi (METAR FAUL)
Weatherstation Szeged (METAR LHUD)
Weatherstation Shahrud (SYNOP 407390)
Weatherstation Rundu (METAR FARU)
Weatherstation Prudhoe-Bay (METAR PAUD)
Weatherstation Port-Hedland-Airport (METAR AHPD)
Weatherstation Phalaborwa (METAR FAPH)
Weatherstation Oudtshoorn (METAR FAOH)
Weatherstation New-Hanover (METAR FANH)
Weatherstation Klerksdorp (METAR FAKD)
Weatherstation J-G-Strijdom (METAR FAWH)
Weatherstation Huambo-Nova-Lisb (METAR FNHU)
Weatherstation Hoedspruit (METAR FAHS)
Weatherstation Hendrina (METAR FAHE)
Weatherstation Heidelberg (METAR FAHG)
Weatherstation Harmony (METAR FAHA)

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