Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Fairford (EGVA) available!

Weather station in the area

Fairford (METAR KQOF)
Fairford (SYNOP 036440)
Lyneham (METAR EGDL)
Brize Norton (METAR EGVN)
Kemble (SYNOP 036383)
Little Rissington (SYNOP 036470)
Brize Norton (SYNOP 036490)
Lyneham (SYNOP 037400)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Fairford (METAR KQOF)
Weatherstation Fairford (SYNOP 036440)
Weatherstation Orford (SYNOP 959840)
Weatherstation Fairfield (METAR KFWC)
Weatherstation Fairfield (METAR KFFL)
Weatherstation Fairfield (METAR IATA_FWC)
Weatherstation Fairfield (METAR IATA_FFL)
Weatherstation Tambo-International (METAR FAOR)
Weatherstation Tafjord (SYNOP 012180)
Weatherstation Sanford (METAR KTTA)
Weatherstation Sanford (METAR IATA_TTA)
Weatherstation Safford (METAR KSAD)
Weatherstation Safford (METAR KE74)
Weatherstation Safford (METAR IATA_SAD)
Weatherstation Safford (METAR IATA_E74)
Weatherstation Safford (SYNOP 722747)
Weatherstation Pretoria-Irene (METAR FAIR)
Weatherstation Milford (METAR KMLF)
Weatherstation Milford (METAR IATA_MLF)
Weatherstation Milford (SYNOP 724750)

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