Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Farodpur (419290) available!

Weather station in the area

Farodpur (SYNOP 419290)
Farodpur (SYNOP 419290)
Farodpur (SYNOP 419290)
Dhaka (SYNOP 419230)
Madaripur (SYNOP 419390)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ferozepur (SYNOP 420960)
Weatherstation Rundu (METAR FARU)
Weatherstation Jodhpur (METAR VIJO)
Weatherstation Jodhpur (SYNOP 423390)
Weatherstation Faro (METAR LPFR)
Weatherstation Faro (METAR IATA_WUM)
Weatherstation Faro (METAR CWUM)
Weatherstation Faro (SYNOP 719490)
Weatherstation Faraulep-Island (METAR FARP)
Weatherstation Baler-Luzon-Isla (METAR RPUR)
Weatherstation Fatehpur (SYNOP 424710)
Weatherstation Fairhope (METAR KCQF)
Weatherstation Fairhope (METAR K4R4)
Weatherstation Fairhope (METAR IATA_CQF)
Weatherstation Fairhope (METAR IATA_4R4)
Weatherstation Fairford (METAR KQOF)
Weatherstation Fairford (METAR EGVA)
Weatherstation Fairford (SYNOP 036440)
Weatherstation Dharmpur (SYNOP 421070)
Weatherstation Fargo (METAR KFAR)

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