Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Fedje (013070) available!

Weather station in the area

Hellisoy (SYNOP 013060)
Fedje (SYNOP 013070)

Similar station names

Weatherstation St-Denis-Gillot (METAR FMEE)
Weatherstation Memmingen-Allgau (METAR EDJA)
Weatherstation Jericho (METAR FDJR)
Weatherstation Idar-Oberstein (METAR EDZJ)
Weatherstation Gera-Leumnitz (METAR EDAJ)
Weatherstation Frederick (METAR KFED)
Weatherstation Fengjie (SYNOP 573480)
Weatherstation Essen (METAR EDLE)
Weatherstation Essen-Mulheim (METAR EDZE)
Weatherstation Erfurt-Bindersle (METAR EDDE)
Weatherstation Emden-Koenigspo (METAR EDWE)
Weatherstation Edenton (METAR KEDE)
Weatherstation Dori (METAR DFEE)
Weatherstation Deblin-Irena (METAR EPDE)
Weatherstation Braunschweig (METAR EDVE)
Weatherstation Bellefontaine (METAR KEDJ)
Weatherstation Baumholder (METAR EDEK)
Weatherstation Babenhausen (METAR EDEF)
Weatherstation Telde (METAR ES_C649R)
Weatherstation Telde (METAR ES_C648N)

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