Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Fergana (UTFF) available!

Weather station in the area

Fergana (SYNOP 386180)
Fergana (METAR UTKF)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Fergana (METAR UTKF)
Weatherstation Fergana (SYNOP 386180)
Weatherstation Franca (SYNOP 836300)
Weatherstation Belfast-Aldergro (METAR EGAA)
Weatherstation Fransta (SYNOP 023420)
Weatherstation Ferrara (METAR LIPF)
Weatherstation Ferrara (SYNOP 161380)
Weatherstation Neran (SYNOP 316360)
Weatherstation Meiganga (METAR FKAM)
Weatherstation Meiganga (SYNOP 648820)
Weatherstation Fraga (METAR ES_9924X)
Weatherstation Florania (SYNOP 826910)
Weatherstation Farafangana (METAR FMSG)
Weatherstation Farafangana (SYNOP 671570)
Weatherstation Derna (SYNOP 620590)
Weatherstation Braganca (METAR LPBG)
Weatherstation Braganca (SYNOP 085750)
Weatherstation Berga (METAR ES_0092X)
Weatherstation Agana (METAR PGUM)
Weatherstation Texarkana (METAR KTXK)

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