Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Fister (014230) available!

Weather station in the area

Fister Sigmundstad (SYNOP 014220)
Nedre Vats (SYNOP 014170)
Stavanger Vaaland (SYNOP 014160)
Liarvatn (SYNOP 014190)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Fisterra (METAR ES_1400)
Weatherstation Oster (SYNOP 332360)
Weatherstation Biser (SYNOP 281380)
Weatherstation Whistler (METAR IATA_WAE)
Weatherstation Whistler (METAR CWAE)
Weatherstation Whistler (SYNOP 711133)
Weatherstation Vieste (METAR LIBI)
Weatherstation Vieste (SYNOP 162663)
Weatherstation Fraser (METAR K4FC)
Weatherstation Fraser (METAR IATA_4FC)
Weatherstation Fincastle (METAR CPFI)
Weatherstation Fincastle (SYNOP 715350)
Weatherstation Falsterbo (SYNOP 026160)
Weatherstation Falsterbo (SYNOP 026150)
Weatherstation Esther (METAR CWGY)
Weatherstation Custer (METAR KCUT)
Weatherstation Custer (METAR K0V1)
Weatherstation Custer (METAR IATA_CUT)
Weatherstation Custer (METAR IATA_0V1)
Weatherstation Custer (SYNOP 726514)

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