Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Foulum (060690) available!

Weather station in the area

Foulum (SYNOP 060690)
Skive Airport (METAR EKSV)
Aggersund (SYNOP 060530)
Skive Airport (SYNOP 060620)
Foulum (SYNOP 060690)
Alborg (SYNOP 060300)
Skive Airport (METAR EKSV)
Finderup (METAR KQKM)
Karup (SYNOP 060600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Boulmer (METAR EGQM)
Weatherstation Boulmer (SYNOP 032400)
Weatherstation Uzhgorod (METAR UKLU)
Weatherstation Ulundi (METAR FAUL)
Weatherstation Oulu-Uleaborg (METAR EFOU)
Weatherstation Ouesso (METAR FCOU)
Weatherstation Ostafyevo-Intl (METAR UUMO)
Weatherstation Omaruru (METAR FYOM)
Weatherstation Olympia (METAR KOLM)
Weatherstation New-Ulm-Muni (METAR KULM)
Weatherstation Mzuzu (METAR FWUU)
Weatherstation Mwinilunga (METAR FLMW)
Weatherstation Murmansk (METAR ULMM)
Weatherstation Mpika (METAR FLMP)
Weatherstation Mouila-City (METAR FOGM)
Weatherstation Mongu (METAR FLMG)
Weatherstation Mitzic (METAR FOOM)
Weatherstation Mfuwe (METAR FLMF)
Weatherstation Menomonie-Muni (METAR KLUM)
Weatherstation Marculesti (METAR LUBM)

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