Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Frosinone (162440) available!

Weather station in the area

Frosinone (METAR LIRH)
Frosinone (SYNOP 162440)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Frosinone (METAR LIRH)
Weatherstation Frontone (METAR LIVF)
Weatherstation Frontone (SYNOP 161790)
Weatherstation Fresno (METAR KFAT)
Weatherstation Fresno (METAR KCZQ)
Weatherstation Fresno (METAR IATA_FAT)
Weatherstation Fresno (METAR IATA_CZQ)
Weatherstation Friona-2Ne (METAR XFAS)
Weatherstation Farmington (METAR KFMN)
Weatherstation Farmington (METAR KFAM)
Weatherstation Farmington (METAR IATA_FMN)
Weatherstation Farmington (METAR IATA_FAM)
Weatherstation Tromsoe (SYNOP 010260)
Weatherstation Roscino (SYNOP 228960)
Weatherstation Fosston (METAR KFSE)
Weatherstation Fosston (METAR IATA_FSE)
Weatherstation Fosston (SYNOP 727505)
Weatherstation Formoso (SYNOP 833340)
Weatherstation Crotone (METAR LIBC)
Weatherstation Crotone (SYNOP 163500)

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