Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Frosta (012720) available!

Weather station in the area

Trondheim/Voll (SYNOP 012570)
Kvithamar (SYNOP 012700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Fransta (SYNOP 023420)
Weatherstation Formosa (SYNOP 833790)
Weatherstation Aosta (SYNOP 160540)
Weatherstation Frontera (METAR ES_C939T)
Weatherstation Foremost (METAR CXFM)
Weatherstation Foremost (SYNOP 712250)
Weatherstation Orbost (SYNOP 959180)
Weatherstation Orbost (SYNOP 949170)
Weatherstation Mostar (METAR LYMO)
Weatherstation Mostar (SYNOP 146480)
Weatherstation Mostar (SYNOP 133480)
Weatherstation Kroonstad (METAR FAKS)
Weatherstation Kroonstad (SYNOP 683520)
Weatherstation Frutal (SYNOP 835740)
Weatherstation Fronteira (METAR SBFT)
Weatherstation Freistadt (SYNOP 110150)
Weatherstation Tortosa (SYNOP 082380)
Weatherstation Oropesa (METAR ES_3427Y)
Weatherstation Kokstad (SYNOP 685740)
Weatherstation Harstad (SYNOP 011800)

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