Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Gabala (377400) available!

Weather station in the area

Gabala International Airport (METAR UBBQ)
Akhty (SYNOP 376630)
Akhty (SYNOP 376630)
Gabala International Airport (METAR UBBQ)
Gyoychay (SYNOP 377490)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kabala (METAR GFKB)
Weatherstation Kabala (SYNOP 618860)
Weatherstation Gambela (SYNOP 628700)
Weatherstation Mbala (METAR FLBA)
Weatherstation Mbala (SYNOP 674130)
Weatherstation Galar (METAR ES_9263D)
Weatherstation Dabaa (SYNOP 623090)
Weatherstation Karbalaa (SYNOP 406560)
Weatherstation Djambala (METAR FCBD)
Weatherstation Djambala (SYNOP 644530)
Weatherstation Barbalha (SYNOP 827840)
Weatherstation Shabla (SYNOP 155610)
Weatherstation Pajala (SYNOP 020960)
Weatherstation Pajala (SYNOP 020950)
Weatherstation Kabale (METAR HUKB)
Weatherstation Kabale (SYNOP 637260)
Weatherstation Jabaloyas (METAR ES_8376)
Weatherstation Grazalema (METAR ES_5911A)
Weatherstation Gibraltar (METAR LXGB)
Weatherstation Gibraltar (SYNOP 084950)

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