Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Garmisch (109630) available!

Weather station in the area

Zugspitze (SYNOP 109610)
Reutte/Tirol (SYNOP 111160)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Gawlish (SYNOP 037010)
Weatherstation Garm (SYNOP 388510)
Weatherstation Garissa (METAR HKGA)
Weatherstation Garissa (SYNOP 637230)
Weatherstation Gari (SYNOP 280490)
Weatherstation Squamish (METAR IATA_WSK)
Weatherstation Squamish (METAR CYSE)
Weatherstation Squamish (METAR CWSK)
Weatherstation Squamish (SYNOP 712070)
Weatherstation Marmaris (SYNOP 172980)
Weatherstation Kamishli (METAR OSKL)
Weatherstation Kamishli (SYNOP 400010)
Weatherstation Goderich (METAR IATA_WGD)
Weatherstation Goderich (METAR CWGD)
Weatherstation Goderich (SYNOP 712610)
Weatherstation Garrucha (METAR ES_6340X)
Weatherstation Garrison (METAR KN60)
Weatherstation Garrison (METAR IATA_N60)
Weatherstation Garrison (SYNOP 727677)
Weatherstation Bahraich (SYNOP 422730)

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