Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Gijon (080140) available!

Weather station in the area

Gijn (SYNOP ES_1207U)
Oviedo (SYNOP 080150)
Gozn (SYNOP ES_1210X)
Oviedo (SYNOP ES_1249X)
Piloa (SYNOP ES_1199X)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Gijn (METAR ES_1207U)
Weatherstation Girona (METAR ES_0370E)
Weatherstation Sion (METAR LSMS)
Weatherstation Sion (METAR LSGS)
Weatherstation Sion (SYNOP 067200)
Weatherstation Ranai (METAR WION)
Weatherstation Niles-Vor (METAR KGIJ)
Weatherstation Johnston-Island (METAR PJON)
Weatherstation Jodhpur (METAR VIJO)
Weatherstation Jhansi (METAR VIJN)
Weatherstation Jakobshavn (METAR BGJN)
Weatherstation Ioannina (METAR LGIO)
Weatherstation Groton-New-Londo (METAR KGON)
Weatherstation Ajon (SYNOP 250420)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR KHBU)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR KGUC)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR IATA_HBU)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR IATA_GUC)
Weatherstation Gunnison (SYNOP 724686)
Weatherstation Guidonia (METAR LIRG)

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