Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Gmunden (111540) available!

Weather station in the area

Wolfsegg (SYNOP 110010)
Seewalchen/Attersee (SYNOP 111510)
Feuerkogel (SYNOP 111550)
Bad Ischl (SYNOP 111560)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ijmuiden (SYNOP 062250)
Weatherstation Gumushane (SYNOP 170880)
Weatherstation Cunderdin (SYNOP 946260)
Weatherstation Sundre (METAR IATA_WAV)
Weatherstation Sundre (METAR CWAV)
Weatherstation Sundre (SYNOP 712480)
Weatherstation Minden (METAR KMNE)
Weatherstation Minden (METAR KF24)
Weatherstation Minden (METAR IATA_MNE)
Weatherstation Minden (METAR IATA_F24)
Weatherstation Linden (METAR KLDJ)
Weatherstation Linden (METAR IATA_LDJ)
Weatherstation Guines (SYNOP 783230)
Weatherstation Guinan (SYNOP 529550)
Weatherstation Golmud (SYNOP 528180)
Weatherstation Gemena (METAR FZFK)
Weatherstation Gemena (SYNOP 640060)
Weatherstation Dundee (METAR FADD)
Weatherstation Dundee (SYNOP 684624)
Weatherstation Camden (METAR KCDH)

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