Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Haboro (474040) available!

Weather station in the area

Yagishirito (SYNOP 474030)
Yagishirito (SYNOP 474030)
Yagishirito (SYNOP 474030)
Rumoi (SYNOP 474060)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Haro (METAR ES_9121X)
Weatherstation Tarboro (METAR KETC)
Weatherstation Tarboro (METAR IATA_ETC)
Weatherstation Horog (SYNOP 389540)
Weatherstation Gaborone (SYNOP 682440)
Weatherstation Tabory (SYNOP 281580)
Weatherstation Hillsboro (METAR KINJ)
Weatherstation Hillsboro (METAR IATA_INJ)
Weatherstation Hillsboro (SYNOP 745470)
Weatherstation Hao (SYNOP 919440)
Weatherstation Habary (SYNOP 298160)
Weatherstation Habarovsk (SYNOP 317360)
Weatherstation Habarovsk (SYNOP 317350)
Weatherstation Cabo-Frio (METAR SBCB)
Weatherstation Cabo-Frio (SYNOP 837190)
Weatherstation Walterboro (METAR KRBW)
Weatherstation Walterboro (METAR IATA_RBW)
Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR KSBO)
Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR IATA_SBO)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR KTBR)

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