Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Hannover (EDDV) available!

Weather station in the area

Hannover (METAR EDVV)
Hannover (SYNOP 103380)
Wunstorf (METAR ETNW)
Wunstorf (SYNOP 103340)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Hannover (METAR EDVV)
Weatherstation Hannover (SYNOP 103380)
Weatherstation New-Hanover (METAR FANH)
Weatherstation New-Hanover (SYNOP 684964)
Weatherstation Vancouver (METAR KVUO)
Weatherstation Vancouver (METAR IATA_WHC)
Weatherstation Vancouver (METAR IATA_VUO)
Weatherstation Vancouver (METAR CWHC)
Weatherstation Vancouver (SYNOP 712010)
Weatherstation Haranor (SYNOP 309680)
Weatherstation Hanford (METAR KO18)
Weatherstation Hanford (METAR KHMS)
Weatherstation Hanford (METAR KHJO)
Weatherstation Hanford (METAR IATA_O18)
Weatherstation Hanford (METAR IATA_HMS)
Weatherstation Hanford (METAR IATA_HJO)
Weatherstation Hanford (SYNOP 727840)
Weatherstation Andover (METAR KADR)
Weatherstation Andover (METAR K12N)
Weatherstation Andover (METAR IATA_ADR)

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