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No data for Synop station Harburg (108500) available!

Weather station in the area

Harburg (SYNOP 108500)
Feuchtwangen-Heilbronn (SYNOP 107560)
Harburg (SYNOP 108500)
Feuchtwangen-Heilbronn (SYNOP 107560)
Weissenburg (SYNOP 107610)
Roth (SYNOP 107650)
Augsburg/Mulhaus (METAR EDMA)
Augsburg (SYNOP 108520)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Warburg (SYNOP 104350)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (METAR KHSB)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (METAR KHAR)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (METAR KCXY)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (METAR IATA_HSB)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (METAR IATA_HAR)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (METAR IATA_CXY)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (SYNOP 725110)
Weatherstation Hydaburg (METAR PAHY)
Weatherstation Hydaburg (METAR IATA_HYG)
Weatherstation Hoburg (SYNOP 026800)
Weatherstation Hoburg (SYNOP 026790)
Weatherstation Karasburg (METAR FYKB)
Weatherstation Vryburg (METAR FAVB)
Weatherstation Vryburg (SYNOP 683380)
Weatherstation Healdsburg (METAR KHES)
Weatherstation Healdsburg (METAR IATA_HES)
Weatherstation Fraserburg (METAR FAFR)
Weatherstation Fraserburg (SYNOP 686240)
Weatherstation Clarksburg (METAR KCKB)

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