Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Hel (121350) available!

Weather station in the area

Gdynia-Babie Do (METAR EPOK)
Gdansk Port Pn. (SYNOP 121400)
Gdynia (SYNOP 121450)
Gdansk/Swibno (SYNOP 121550)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Luxor (METAR HELX)
Weatherstation Eldoret (METAR HKEL)
Weatherstation Abu-Simbel (METAR HEBL)
Weatherstation Healy (METAR PAHV)
Weatherstation Healy (METAR IATA_HRR)
Weatherstation Hupsel (SYNOP 062830)
Weatherstation Huelva (METAR ES_4642E)
Weatherstation Huelva (SYNOP 083830)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR KOZW)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR K3HE)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR IATA_OZW)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR IATA_3HE)
Weatherstation Howell (SYNOP 725378)
Weatherstation Henlow (METAR EGWE)
Weatherstation Henlow (SYNOP 035995)
Weatherstation Helwan (SYNOP 623780)
Weatherstation Helnes (SYNOP 010660)
Weatherstation Helln (METAR ES_7096B)
Weatherstation Helena (METAR KHLN)
Weatherstation Helena (METAR IATA_HLN)

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