Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Herat (OAHR) available!

Weather station in the area

Herat (SYNOP 409380)
Fob Victory (METAR KQYU)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Herat (SYNOP 409380)
Weatherstation Asyut (METAR HEAT)
Weatherstation Zermatt (SYNOP 067480)
Weatherstation Wenatchee (METAR KEAT)
Weatherstation Tessenei-Teseney (METAR HATS)
Weatherstation Taba-Intl (METAR HETB)
Weatherstation Rota-Naval-Stati (METAR LERT)
Weatherstation Riga-Airport (METAR EVRA)
Weatherstation Radom-Airport (METAR EPRA)
Weatherstation Nera (SYNOP 245850)
Weatherstation Moirana (METAR ENRA)
Weatherstation Menia (METAR HEAM)
Weatherstation Marsa-Alam-Intl (METAR HEMA)
Weatherstation Kamembe (METAR HRZA)
Weatherstation Hurlburt-Field (METAR KHRT)
Weatherstation Herried (METAR KHER)
Weatherstation Herrera (METAR MDHE)
Weatherstation Herrera (SYNOP 784840)
Weatherstation Fuji (METAR RJAT)
Weatherstation El-Tor (METAR HETR)

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