Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Hikone (477610) available!

Weather station in the area

Ibukiyama Mountain (SYNOP 477510)
Tsuruga (SYNOP 476310)
Tsuruga (SYNOP 476310)
Ibukiyama Mountain (SYNOP 477510)
Kyoto (SYNOP 477590)
Yokkaichi (SYNOP 476840)
Ueno (SYNOP 476490)
Tsu (SYNOP 476510)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Waione (SYNOP 934600)
Weatherstation Hon (METAR HLON)
Weatherstation Hon (SYNOP 621310)
Weatherstation Haines (METAR PAHN)
Weatherstation Haines (METAR IATA_HNS)
Weatherstation Haines (SYNOP 703626)
Weatherstation Haikou (METAR ZJHK)
Weatherstation Haikou (METAR ZGHK)
Weatherstation Haikou (SYNOP 597580)
Weatherstation Huichon (SYNOP 470390)
Weatherstation Hornell (METAR K4G6)
Weatherstation Hornell (METAR IATA_4G6)
Weatherstation Hickory (METAR KHKY)
Weatherstation Hickory (METAR IATA_HKY)
Weatherstation Dickson (METAR KM02)
Weatherstation Dickson (METAR IATA_M02)
Weatherstation Winona-Muni (METAR KONA)
Weatherstation Whiting-Fld-Nas (METAR KNSE)
Weatherstation Whitefield (METAR KHIE)
Weatherstation West-Chester (METAR KOQN)

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