Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Hoernli (066890) available!

Weather station in the area

Konstanz (METAR EDTZ)
Guettingen (SYNOP 066210)
Taenikon (SYNOP 066790)
Weesen (SYNOP 066840)
Donaueschingen (SYNOP 107381)
Konstanz (SYNOP 109290)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lista-Farsund (METAR ENLI)
Weatherstation Al-Najaf (METAR ORNI)
Weatherstation Hornell (METAR K4G6)
Weatherstation Hornell (METAR IATA_4G6)
Weatherstation Homer (METAR PAHO)
Weatherstation Homer (METAR IATA_HOM)
Weatherstation Goerlitz (SYNOP 104990)
Weatherstation Forli (METAR LIPK)
Weatherstation Forli (SYNOP 161470)
Weatherstation Doernick (SYNOP 101500)
Weatherstation Hohenfels (METAR ETIH)
Weatherstation Hohenfels (METAR EDIH)
Weatherstation Hohenfels (SYNOP 107750)
Weatherstation Vernal (METAR KVEL)
Weatherstation Vernal (METAR IATA_VEL)
Weatherstation Vernal (SYNOP 725707)
Weatherstation Vernal (SYNOP 725705)
Weatherstation Joseni (SYNOP 151270)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR KOZW)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR K3HE)

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