Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Holm (263780) available!

Weather station in the area

Holm (SYNOP 263780)
Holm (SYNOP 263780)
Holm (SYNOP 263780)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Holmsk (SYNOP 321280)
Weatherstation Holmon (SYNOP 022870)
Weatherstation Olympia (METAR KOLM)
Weatherstation Mitiga (METAR HLLM)
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Weatherstation Homs (SYNOP 400550)
Weatherstation Homer (METAR PAHO)
Weatherstation Homer (METAR IATA_HOM)
Weatherstation Holod (SYNOP 151170)
Weatherstation Ho (METAR DGAH)
Weatherstation Ho (SYNOP 654530)
Weatherstation Holmogory (SYNOP 225590)
Weatherstation Holmogadd (SYNOP 022880)
Weatherstation Holman-Cs (METAR CXHI)
Weatherstation Holman-Cs (SYNOP 710290)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR KOZW)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR K3HE)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR IATA_OZW)
Weatherstation Howell (METAR IATA_3HE)
Weatherstation Howell (SYNOP 725378)

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