Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Hopsten (ETNP) available!

Weather station in the area

Hopsten (SYNOP 103140)
Muenster/Osnabru (METAR EDDG)
Muenster/Osnabru (METAR EDLG)
Rheine/Bentlage (METAR ETHE)
Lingen (SYNOP 103050)
Rheine/Bentlage (SYNOP 103060)
Muenster/Osnabrueck (SYNOP 103150)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Hopsten (SYNOP 103140)
Weatherstation Sialkot-Airport (METAR OPST)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR KT02)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR KLVJ)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR IATA_T02)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR IATA_LVJ)
Weatherstation Oostende (SYNOP 064080)
Weatherstation Korosten (SYNOP 332150)
Weatherstation Hotan (METAR ZWTN)
Weatherstation Hotan (SYNOP 518280)
Weatherstation Hosin (SYNOP 115400)
Weatherstation Harstena (SYNOP 025860)
Weatherstation Harstena (SYNOP 025630)
Weatherstation Hotel-One (SYNOP 406440)
Weatherstation Poptun (METAR MGPP)
Weatherstation Poptun (SYNOP 786250)
Weatherstation Joseni (SYNOP 151270)
Weatherstation Hupsel (SYNOP 062830)
Weatherstation Holden (METAR CXHD)
Weatherstation Holden (SYNOP 712270)

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