Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Horinsk (307390) available!

Weather station in the area

Horinsk (METAR UIUH)
Horinsk (METAR UIUH)
Horinsk (METAR UIUH)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Horinsk (METAR UIUH)
Weatherstation Gonbad-Ghabus (METAR OINK)
Weatherstation Turinsk (SYNOP 282550)
Weatherstation Norilsk (SYNOP 230780)
Weatherstation Nolinsk (SYNOP 273930)
Weatherstation Dolinsk (SYNOP 321330)
Weatherstation Sorochinsk (SYNOP 350110)
Weatherstation Gorjacinsk (SYNOP 307310)
Weatherstation Sadrinsk (SYNOP 285520)
Weatherstation Pinsk (SYNOP 330190)
Weatherstation Norsk (SYNOP 313880)
Weatherstation Nercinsk (SYNOP 307680)
Weatherstation Morsansk (SYNOP 278480)
Weatherstation Minsk (METAR UMMS)
Weatherstation Minsk (SYNOP 268500)
Weatherstation Mariinsk (SYNOP 295510)
Weatherstation Hot-Springs (METAR KHSS)
Weatherstation Hot-Springs (METAR KHSR)
Weatherstation Hot-Springs (METAR KHOT)
Weatherstation Hot-Springs (METAR IATA_HSS)

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