Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Huaiyin (581410) available!

Weather station in the area

Qingjiang (SYNOP 581440)
Qingjiang (SYNOP 581440)
Qingjiang (SYNOP 581440)
Hongze Hu (SYNOP 581380)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Huimin (SYNOP 547250)
Weatherstation Huaiji (SYNOP 592710)
Weatherstation Cimkent (METAR UAII)
Weatherstation Hularin (SYNOP 314840)
Weatherstation Hualian (SYNOP 593620)
Weatherstation Huadian (SYNOP 542730)
Weatherstation Hua-Hin (METAR VTPH)
Weatherstation Hua-Hin (SYNOP 484750)
Weatherstation Haiyang (SYNOP 548630)
Weatherstation Huajialing (SYNOP 529960)
Weatherstation Hulin (SYNOP 509830)
Weatherstation Huili (SYNOP 566710)
Weatherstation Huangyan (METAR ZSLC)
Weatherstation Suakin (SYNOP 626520)
Weatherstation Huilai (SYNOP 593170)
Weatherstation Huedin (SYNOP 150990)
Weatherstation Heyuan (SYNOP 592930)
Weatherstation Harbin (METAR ZYHB)
Weatherstation Harbin (SYNOP 509530)
Weatherstation Haines (METAR PAHN)

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