Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Huma (503530) available!

Weather station in the area

Usakovo (SYNOP 314410)
Usakovo (SYNOP 314410)
Usakovo (SYNOP 314410)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mbarara (METAR HUMA)
Weatherstation Yuma (METAR KYMA)
Weatherstation Yuma (METAR KBZA)
Weatherstation Yuma (METAR IATA_BZA)
Weatherstation Redstone-Arsenal (METAR KHUA)
Weatherstation Moroto (METAR HUMO)
Weatherstation Masindi (METAR HUMI)
Weatherstation Marsa-Alam-Intl (METAR HEMA)
Weatherstation Mandera (METAR HKMA)
Weatherstation Macenta (METAR GUMA)
Weatherstation Houma-Terrebonne (METAR KHUM)
Weatherstation Hama (SYNOP 400300)
Weatherstation Awg-1-----Sea (METAR EHMA)
Weatherstation Arua (METAR HUAR)
Weatherstation Anadyr' (METAR UHMA)
Weatherstation Alula (METAR HCMA)
Weatherstation Humragi (SYNOP 388670)
Weatherstation Humaita (SYNOP 827270)
Weatherstation Kouma (SYNOP 915770)
Weatherstation Jumla (METAR VNJL)

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