Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Huoshan (583140) available!

Weather station in the area

Huoshan (SYNOP 583140)
Huoshan (SYNOP 583140)
Huoshan (SYNOP 583140)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yushan (SYNOP 586340)
Weatherstation Dushan (SYNOP 579220)
Weatherstation Hohn (METAR ETNH)
Weatherstation Hohn (SYNOP 100380)
Weatherstation Baoshan (SYNOP 567480)
Weatherstation Wuyishan (METAR ZSWY)
Weatherstation Wuhan (SYNOP 574940)
Weatherstation Sosan (SYNOP 471290)
Weatherstation Pusan (SYNOP 471590)
Weatherstation Huron (METAR KHON)
Weatherstation Huron (METAR IATA_HON)
Weatherstation Hua-Shan (SYNOP 570460)
Weatherstation Hotan (METAR ZWTN)
Weatherstation Hotan (SYNOP 518280)
Weatherstation Hosin (SYNOP 115400)
Weatherstation Dushanbe (METAR UTDD)
Weatherstation Dushanbe (SYNOP 388360)
Weatherstation Bohan (SYNOP 306180)
Weatherstation Thorshavn (SYNOP 060110)
Weatherstation Luo-Chuan (SYNOP 539420)

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