Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Iasi (150900) available!

Weather station in the area

Iasi (SYNOP 150900)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Iasi (METAR LRIA)
Weatherstation Springs (METAR FASI)
Weatherstation Sitka (METAR PASI)
Weatherstation Masjed-Soleyman (METAR OIAI)
Weatherstation Malang-Abdul (METAR WIAS)
Weatherstation Ivai (SYNOP 838110)
Weatherstation Irai (SYNOP 838810)
Weatherstation Iskasim (SYNOP 389570)
Weatherstation Sterling-Rockfal (METAR IATA_SQI)
Weatherstation Springfield (METAR IATA_SPI)
Weatherstation Slidell (METAR IATA_SIL)
Weatherstation Sitka (METAR IATA_SIT)
Weatherstation Simcoe (METAR IATA_WSI)
Weatherstation Sikeston (METAR IATA_SIK)
Weatherstation Sibley-Peak (METAR IATA_SIB)
Weatherstation Shelbyville (METAR IATA_SYI)
Weatherstation Semmnes-Vor (METAR IATA_SJI)
Weatherstation Sea-Isle-Vor (METAR IATA_SIE)
Weatherstation San-Nicolas-Isla (METAR IATA_NSI)
Weatherstation Reidsville (METAR IATA_SIF)

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