Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Icheon (470970) available!

Weather station in the area

Gwangjuup (METAR KQEP)
Maesanri (METAR RKSD)
Seoul East (METAR RKSM)
Yeoju Range (METAR RKSU)
Seoul East (SYNOP 471110)
Maesanri (SYNOP 471205)
Yeoju Range (SYNOP 471315)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Inchon (SYNOP 471120)
Weatherstation Isachsen (METAR IATA_WIC)
Weatherstation Isachsen (METAR CWIC)
Weatherstation Isachsen (SYNOP 710740)
Weatherstation Yechon (METAR RKTY)
Weatherstation Yechon (SYNOP 471340)
Weatherstation Sachon (METAR RKPS)
Weatherstation Sachon (SYNOP 471610)
Weatherstation Mcpherson (METAR KMPR)
Weatherstation Mcpherson (METAR IATA_MPR)
Weatherstation Aachen (SYNOP 105010)
Weatherstation Tacheng (SYNOP 511330)
Weatherstation Shelton (METAR KSHN)
Weatherstation Shelton (METAR IATA_SHN)
Weatherstation Sheldon (METAR KSHL)
Weatherstation Sheldon (METAR IATA_SHL)
Weatherstation Sheldon (SYNOP 725495)
Weatherstation Pucheng (SYNOP 587310)
Weatherstation Macheng (SYNOP 573990)
Weatherstation Huichon (SYNOP 470390)

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