Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Iizuka (478090) available!

Weather station in the area

Metabaru (METAR RJDM)
Fukuoka/Itazuke (METAR RJFF)
Ashiya (SYNOP 478030)
Fukuoka/Sefurisan (SYNOP 478060)
Fukuoka (SYNOP 478070)
Fukuoka/Itazuke (SYNOP 478080)
Metabaru (SYNOP 478600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Shizuoka (SYNOP 476560)
Weatherstation Shizouka (METAR RJNS)
Weatherstation Ika (SYNOP 300280)
Weatherstation Izuhara (SYNOP 478000)
Weatherstation Tshikapa (METAR FZUK)
Weatherstation Santa-Ynez (METAR KIZA)
Weatherstation Luka (SYNOP 117100)
Weatherstation Louisville-Vor (METAR KIIU)
Weatherstation Kanpur (METAR VIKA)
Weatherstation Kananga (METAR FZUA)
Weatherstation Kamloops (METAR CZKA)
Weatherstation Kalijati (METAR WIIK)
Weatherstation Inza (SYNOP 278720)
Weatherstation Inyan-Kara (METAR KIKA)
Weatherstation Ikateq (METAR BIKA)
Weatherstation Iida (SYNOP 476370)
Weatherstation Ghazvin (METAR OIIK)
Weatherstation Curug-Budiarto (METAR WIIA)
Weatherstation Chongqing-Chungk (METAR ZUCK)
Weatherstation Bunia (METAR FZKA)

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