Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Isosaari (029880) available!

Weather station in the area

Helsinki Lighthouse (SYNOP 029890)
Helsinki/Malmi (METAR EFHF)
Helsinki/Malmi (SYNOP 029750)
Helsinki Harmaja (SYNOP 027950)
Helsinki Kaisaniemi (SYNOP 029780)
Espoo Tapiola (SYNOP 029850)
Helsinki Kumpula (SYNOP 029980)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Rosario-Airport (METAR SAAR)
Weatherstation Iguazu-Cataratas (METAR SARI)
Weatherstation Wrightst-Mcguire (METAR IATA_WRI)
Weatherstation Rocky-Mount (METAR IATA_RWI)
Weatherstation Riverton (METAR IATA_RIW)
Weatherstation Riverside-March (METAR IATA_RIV)
Weatherstation Rim---Pinedale (METAR IATA_RIM)
Weatherstation Rifle (METAR IATA_RIL)
Weatherstation Richmond (METAR IATA_RIC)
Weatherstation Rice-Lake (METAR IATA_RIE)
Weatherstation Rhinelander (METAR IATA_RHI)
Weatherstation Redlands (METAR IATA_REI)
Weatherstation Rancho-Murieta (METAR IATA_RIU)
Weatherstation March-Afb-88D (METAR IATA_RIX)
Weatherstation Hermiston (METAR IATA_HRI)
Weatherstation Henderson-Rusk-C (METAR IATA_RFI)
Weatherstation Grand-Island (METAR IATA_GRI)
Weatherstation Ft-Riley-Marshal (METAR IATA_FRI)
Weatherstation Francisco-Mendes (METAR IATA_RAI)
Weatherstation Erie (METAR IATA_ERI)

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