Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Istrana (160980) available!

Weather station in the area

Treviso (METAR LIPH)
Treviso (SYNOP 160990)
Istrana (METAR LIPS)
Venezia/San Nico (METAR LIPV)
Venezia/Tessera (METAR LIPZ)
Venezia/San Nicolo (SYNOP 161003)
Venezia/Tessera (SYNOP 161050)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Istrana (METAR LIPS)
Weatherstation Pastrana (METAR ES_3085Y)
Weatherstation Astana (SYNOP 351880)
Weatherstation Astrahanka (SYNOP 319210)
Weatherstation Winona-Muni (METAR IATA_ONA)
Weatherstation Pinedale-R-Wenz (METAR IATA_PNA)
Weatherstation Pensacola-Nas (METAR IATA_NPA)
Weatherstation New-River-Mcas (METAR IATA_NCA)
Weatherstation Natashquan-Airp (METAR IATA_YNA)
Weatherstation Nashville (METAR IATA_BNA)
Weatherstation Narathiwat (METAR IATA_NAW)
Weatherstation Namangan (METAR IATA_NMA)
Weatherstation Nalchik (METAR IATA_NAL)
Weatherstation Nakhon-Ratchasim (METAR IATA_NAK)
Weatherstation Millington-88D (METAR IATA_NQA)
Weatherstation Kostanay (METAR UAUU)
Weatherstation Kostanay (SYNOP 289520)
Weatherstation Kenai (METAR IATA_ENA)
Weatherstation Kansas-City-Com (METAR IATA_NKA)
Weatherstation Isaba (METAR ES_9218A)

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