Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Izevsk (284110) available!

Weather station in the area

Izhevsk (SYNOP 284110)
Izhevsk (SYNOP 284110)
Izhevsk (SYNOP 284110)
Sarapul (SYNOP 284180)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Nazyvoevsk (SYNOP 285880)
Weatherstation Nevelsk (SYNOP 321450)
Weatherstation Iznoski (SYNOP 276040)
Weatherstation Idzevan (SYNOP 377110)
Weatherstation Volkel-Rnlafb (METAR EHVK)
Weatherstation Surkhet (METAR VNSK)
Weatherstation Storkmarknes-Ska (METAR ENSK)
Weatherstation Slupsk (METAR EPSK)
Weatherstation Skavsta-Stockho (METAR ESKN)
Weatherstation Siljan-Mora (METAR ESKM)
Weatherstation Savannakhet (METAR VLSK)
Weatherstation Rzev (SYNOP 264980)
Weatherstation Pattani (METAR VTSK)
Weatherstation Madrid-Cuatro-Vi (METAR LEVS)
Weatherstation Kristianstad-Eve (METAR ESMK)
Weatherstation Kramfors (METAR ESNK)
Weatherstation Kassel-Calden (METAR EDVK)
Weatherstation Karlstad-North (METAR ESOK)
Weatherstation Kapanga (METAR FZSK)
Weatherstation Inuvik (METAR CZEV)

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