Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Izmail (338890) available!

Weather station in the area

Tulcea (SYNOP 153350)
Tulcea (SYNOP 153350)
Tulcea (SYNOP 153350)
Gorgova (SYNOP 153360)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Izvajil (SYNOP 236090)
Weatherstation Izmir (SYNOP 172200)
Weatherstation Izhma (SYNOP 235030)
Weatherstation Ismailia (METAR HEIS)
Weatherstation Ismailia (SYNOP 624400)
Weatherstation Ivailo (SYNOP 156280)
Weatherstation Irozaki (SYNOP 476660)
Weatherstation Indaial (SYNOP 838720)
Weatherstation Santa-Ynez (METAR KIZA)
Weatherstation Milano-Linate (METAR LIML)
Weatherstation Miami-Artcc (METAR KZMA)
Weatherstation Masjed-Soleyman (METAR OIAI)
Weatherstation Marianna (METAR KMAI)
Weatherstation Malone (METAR KMAL)
Weatherstation Kitona (METAR FZAI)
Weatherstation Ivai (SYNOP 838110)
Weatherstation Iranshahr (METAR OIZI)
Weatherstation Irai (SYNOP 838810)
Weatherstation Inza (SYNOP 278720)
Weatherstation Imperial-Municip (METAR KIML)

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