Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Jining (534800) available!

Weather station in the area

Jining (SYNOP 534800)
Jining (SYNOP 534800)
Jining (SYNOP 534800)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yining (METAR ZWYN)
Weatherstation Yining (SYNOP 514310)
Weatherstation Xining (METAR ZLXN)
Weatherstation Xining (SYNOP 528660)
Weatherstation Jin-Jiang (SYNOP 591330)
Weatherstation Xinjing (SYNOP 592180)
Weatherstation Weining (SYNOP 566910)
Weatherstation Suining (SYNOP 581220)
Weatherstation Suining (SYNOP 574050)
Weatherstation Jinan (SYNOP 548230)
Weatherstation Jilin (SYNOP 541720)
Weatherstation Linjiang (SYNOP 543740)
Weatherstation Lianping (SYNOP 590960)
Weatherstation Jinghong (SYNOP 569590)
Weatherstation Jennings (METAR KJN8)
Weatherstation Jennings (METAR K3R7)
Weatherstation Jennings (METAR IATA_JN8)
Weatherstation Jennings (METAR IATA_3R7)
Weatherstation Siping (SYNOP 541570)
Weatherstation Sinsin (SYNOP 064730)

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