Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Jinzhou (543370) available!

Weather station in the area

Jinzhou (SYNOP 543370)
Jinzhou (SYNOP 543370)
Jinzhou (SYNOP 543370)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Qinzhou (SYNOP 596320)
Weatherstation Qizhou (SYNOP 584070)
Weatherstation Jinhua (SYNOP 585490)
Weatherstation Oamaru-Airport (METAR NZOU)
Weatherstation Yanzhou (SYNOP 549160)
Weatherstation Wenzhou (METAR ZSWZ)
Weatherstation Wenzhou (SYNOP 586590)
Weatherstation Suizhou (SYNOP 573850)
Weatherstation Liuzhou (SYNOP 590460)
Weatherstation Lanzhou (METAR ZLLL)
Weatherstation Lanzhou (SYNOP 528890)
Weatherstation Ganzhou (SYNOP 579930)
Weatherstation Longzhou (SYNOP 594170)
Weatherstation Jiuquan-Suzhou (METAR ZLJQ)
Weatherstation Jinju (SYNOP 471920)
Weatherstation Jinghong (SYNOP 569590)
Weatherstation Jindo (SYNOP 471750)
Weatherstation Hangzhou (SYNOP 584570)
Weatherstation Chenzhou (SYNOP 579720)
Weatherstation Cangzhou (SYNOP 546160)

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