Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Jonesboro (KJBR) available!

Weather station in the area

Jonesboro (METAR IATA_JBR)
Jonesboro Municipal (SYNOP 723407)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Jonesboro (METAR IATA_JBR)
Weatherstation Winnsboro (METAR KFDW)
Weatherstation Winnsboro (METAR IATA_FDW)
Weatherstation Jonesboro-Municipal (SYNOP 723407)
Weatherstation Wilkesboro (METAR KUKF)
Weatherstation Wilkesboro (METAR IATA_UKF)
Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR KSBO)
Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR IATA_SBO)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR KTBR)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR IATA_TBR)
Weatherstation Scottsboro (METAR K4A6)
Weatherstation Scottsboro (METAR IATA_4A6)
Weatherstation Montescuro (SYNOP 163440)
Weatherstation Greensboro (METAR KGSO)
Weatherstation Greensboro (METAR K3J7)
Weatherstation Greensboro (METAR IATA_GSO)
Weatherstation Greensboro (METAR IATA_3J7)
Weatherstation Greensboro (SYNOP 723170)
Weatherstation Vesborg (SYNOP 061310)
Weatherstation Mossoro (METAR SBMS)

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